Mattress Sizes And Dimensions Chart: Need To Know More

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Doctors, researchers, and scientists alike have long agreed that sound sleep has a profound effect on preserving our mental and physical health. And a quality mattress can increase the probability of our sound sleep manifolds. Also, our beds should be a welcoming retreat, from the day-long din and bustle we have to endure, so that we can enjoy our much-needed sleep, to start the fight all over again from the next morning.

That’s why the importance of having not only the best mattress but also the best bed-sheet, the best toppers with the best pillows within your affordable limit to get the best possible sleep daily, can never be overstated.

Mattress Sizes And Dimensions Chart: Need To Know More

Mattress Sizes And Dimensions Chart

Today I am going to discuss the different dimensions of the mattresses available.

Size may not matter for many things in life, but for mattresses, size really does matter. Mattresses come in different sizes and shapes, and every one of them has their places in various stages of our entire lifecycle.

Please have a look at the table below mentioning different dimensions of different types of mattresses:

Size of The Mattress Dimensions in Inch Dimensions in Feet Surface Area in In. & Ft Best Suited For
King 76“ X 80“ 6.33`X 6.67` 6080 Sq In./ 42.22 Sq Ft One Adult with multiple Pets or Children /Two adults with a pet or a child
California King 72“ X 84“ 6` X 7` 6048 Sq In./42 Sq Ft One Adult with multiple Pets or Children /Two adults with a pet or a child
Queen 60“ X 80“ 5` X 6.67` 4800 Sq In./33.35 Sq Ft One Adult with a Pet or a Child /Two adults, no pets
Full/Double 54“ X 75“ 4.25`X 6.25` 4050 Sq In./ 26.57 Sq Ft One Adult with a Pet or a Child /Two adults, no pets
Twin 39“ X 75“ 3.25`X 6.25` 2925 Sq In./ 20.31 Sq Ft One Adult
Twin XL 39“ X 80“ 3.25`X 6.67` 3120 Sq In./ 21.67 Sq Ft One Adult
Toddlers/Crib 28“ X 52“ 2.33`X 4.33` 1456 Sq In./10.08 Sq Ft One Toddler

Let’s get to know about the dimensions of each type of the mattresses a bit more in detail:-

Live Your Life through a Timetable

1. King – 76“ X 80“:

There is a reason for calling this mattress ‘King.’ If you are an average-size person, which most of us are, the ‘King’- sized mattress will make you feel royal. It is generous in space, and even when you share it with your partner, it gives you the luxurious feel of belonging.

It is the mattress considered as the best for couples. If you value your personal space even when you are sleeping, this is the mattress for you. On the other hand, for movie-nights on the weekend, this is the perfect voluminous surface for making the whole family cuddling and snuggling with comfort.

The ‘king’ is the best option for ‘active’ sleepers with partners. Since there is more than enough space, you can dawdle, straggle or wobble all you want without ever causing trouble for your partner, who might be a light sleeper. Also, you can lie down late and get up early without disturbing your partner’s sleep.

If your purse is deep enough to splurge and your bedroom is large enough to accommodate, this is the best mattress you can reward yourself too. Many people feel it is worth every penny since it is going to determine the quality of your sleep for many years to come.

But don’t start rushing yet for getting it to your already strangled bedroom! Can the ‘king’ even fit in the room? Are you planning to change your present address shortly? Think about these and then decide between buying one.

California King – 72`` X 84``

2. California King – 72“ X 84“:

California King is the most extended member of the mattress family, having a length of 84 inches. If you were one of the stars of your championship-winning NBA School Team and had your feet dangling outside the bed since you were 12, this is the bed custom-made for you – and also for all the other tall people around the world.

It is also known as the Western King. The makers have shed 4 inches of width while increasing the length by the same measurement. This tweaking reduces the total surface area by a mere 32 square inches, which still provides ample space for the parents to sleep with the toddler on windy, thunderous nights comfortably.

This is also a fantastic mattress to sleep on for the active tall couples. And all the benefits of the King mattresses are there while paying a fraction short the amount you would be paying for the King. Again the usual assortment of considerations still needs to be considered before buying this item for your abode. But if you are on the north of 6` and don’t want to refute the necessity of sound sleep, you are going to have to make arrangements to have it in your bedroom.

3. Queen – 60“ X 80“:

This is the darling child of the family as most people use it for their resting place. It provides space without sacrificing versatility. It offers comfort but, at the same time, can be fitted in any reasonably erected bedroom. This mattress offers ample square inches for comfortable, deep sleep. It also lets the couple sleep with their furry friend, who tends to be in the shorter periphery. It can also make the stormy nights into story nights, and the toddlers with their favorite pets can enjoy the adventures in mom’s soothing voice.

As I have mentioned earlier, any reasonable erected bedroom can have it, and still, there will be space around to have more furniture. This is one of the reasons in most hotel rooms, living rooms, and guest rooms are furnished with it. This aspect turns it into the best seller among other mattresses. But it is also one of the cost-effective compared with other mattresses in terms of value-for-money angle.

Queen mattresses aren’t ideal for children. It might also be a problem for couples if both of them are hyper-active sleepers. Sometimes it can pose a challenge for the studio apartments, where there won’t be much space left after you set it up, or if any, for that matter.

But for being superbly suitable for most bedrooms, efficient in cost-effectiveness and comfortable enough for most couples – the ‘Queen` is the ‘gold standard’ of mattresses today.

4. Full/Double – 54“ X 75“:

The name here suggests ambiguity – this is a mattress for a singular person who likes to – like I’ve said earlier – dawdle, straggle or wobble. Single sleepers love it as there is more than enough width they can ask for. It is profoundly suitable for teens and single adults until they change their relationship status. But for adults who are on the taller side or for the teens that are getting taller a foot a day, this isn’t a match ‘made in heaven.’

The Full/Double-sized mattresses were the pick of the choice before the ‘Queen’ took over. As the width suggests, a couple might just fit in, given that they sleep like robots or they don’t mind cuddling, snuggling even after they fall asleep. Another noteworthy compatibility for Full/Double mattresses is that for being compact, they are an excellent fit in RVs. That makes them an automatic choice for the couple who love camping or moving around the country with their mobile home. Another cuddly selling point for this mattress can be that the mom can tuck-in with the child-friendly and comfortable in the bed in time for bed-time stories.

So it is the perfect fit for kids, teens, average height single adults – but maybe not so for couples and taller people.

King – 76`` X 80`

5. Twin – 39“ X 75“:

As the size shows, this is the smallest among the standardized mattress sizes. This size is designed only for a single sleeper of average heights. The surface area of 2925 square inches doesn’t necessarily render a spacious void to sprawl freely. In other words, if your body moves too much while you are asleep, this is not the right size for you. But it is a great tool to equip a teen’s room, and also it is considered as the best bunk-bed mattress. So, it can be used efficiently as a space-saver when the siblings share the same bedroom.

For students who live in the dormitories or arrange accommodation privately outside the campus, this is the perfect mattress to sleep on after long days on the campus. Although you can be forgiven if you ask when or if ever the students use the mattress for sleeping, that’s just another mystery of God’s green earth.

Let’s move on and think about another practical use for the young, upcoming professionals who are just starting their careers. This demographic can easily use it as the Twin mattresses can be moved easily. Just tie it over the beat-up van and start the journey.

The best way to define it is the mattress, which helps people who are in perpetual transition –the teens move towards adulthood, the students have their eyes in the careers up ahead, and the young professionals dream about the next best gig to earn serious money.

6. Twin XL– 39“ X 80“:

Every benefit and every drawback of the Twin mattress gets about 10% revamped when you get the Twin XL mattress. The height for this mattress is increased by 5“ which may not sound drastic enhancement, but it can make the difference between the feet dangling or not. Like I’ve just said, this mattress can be an excellent fit for a bit taller individuals with non-active sleeping habits. The transitory demographic, like the teens, the students, or the young professionals, get to their destined height when they are about 20-22 years of age. So, the ingenuity of the idea to increase only the height by a mere 5“ serves them most – that’s the thing I love most about this mattress. And luckily, the mattress makers don’t raise the price too much, so it is economically cost-efficient as well.

7. Crib/Toddlers – 28“ X 52“:

The Crib is best suited for the first 18 months of the newborn. A perfect crib mattress gets stuck perfectly inside the frame that is designed to hold the mattress strongly. The mattress is also a bit on the firmer side, which eliminates the chance of breathing hazards for the baby. The finishing of the Crib with perfect bedding requires extra care. As it is pointed out by the experts, for the first 12 months of their life, babies should have only the tight-fitted bed sheet over the Crib and nothing else. The mattress might get dampened by diaper-drippings or with some other messes, that’s why parents often use waterproof over the bed sheet or antimicrobial sheets. Sometimes the crib mattress is made as breathable to control the temperature. A few Crib mattresses often have two sides – the firm one for the babies and the softer sides are for the toddlers.

When the babies are 18 months old or more, the walls surrounding the Crib are removed, and it becomes a mattress for the toddlers. The mattresses for the toddlers are made differently than the crib mattresses. The Crib mattress is firm, while the Toddlers mattress is soft. Toddler mattresses are no longer surrounded by walls, though some parents put in small railings as preventive measures so that the toddler cannot get out of the bed on their own.

Usually, parents let their children sleep on the toddler’s mattress until the age of 4 or 5. The mattresses are small, easy to move, and an excellent option for small rooms. Some parents save money by not opting for Toddler mattresses. They keep the Crib mattress given that its condition doesn’t get deteriorated too much and choose twin mattresses when the child becomes 4-5.

There you go. Now you know everything about the mattresses! But how would you decide which size is the best for you?

Thoughts before Making the Final Decision:

Thoughts before Making the Final Decision

Before going to the store physically or visiting online outlets, get to the bottom of the following questions with care:

  • How spacious is your bedroom?
  • How much space would you love to have after the mattress takes its place?
  • Do you need furniture to throw out of the room for the new mattress to fit in?
  • How important is it to have space left on both sides of the mattress?
  • Can you physically be able to get the mattress in the room?
  • Are you planning on moving anytime soon?

The answers to the above questions, the knowledge about you being an active sleeper or not, and the depth of your purse – coupled with the things you have learned from the above discussion – you should be capable of making an informed decision to complete the purchase.

Now all you are left with is sleep.

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