The 7 Best Metal Bed Frames – Reviews And Buying Guide In 2021

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Bed frames are the standalone foundations upon which the mattress usually rests. They are also known as bedsteads and their history goes way back, may be not in the form as we know today but they had had their existence from the very early days. In the Paleolithic days of our forefathers, a bed frame probably meant a few slabs of rocks put to hold the body off the ground just as a prevention from the cold earth beneath.

Those days are long gone. Like everything else, bed frames also have covered a lot of ground to be in the shape as we know them today.

Bed frames help us in numerous ways. Arthritis may prevent us from getting down or getting up from the bed that is laid on the ground. We may feel the need of a little bit extra space for storage underneath the bed. Then there is the silly issue of a good night’s sleep – which we Americans seem to have a lot of trouble getting and also are suffering the consequences every year with no end in sight.

The fact of the matter is fulfilling the quota of seven to nine hours of sleep every night is indeed a tall order for many of us these days. Corona pandemic notwithstanding, the stagnant economy, social divide or political unrest etc are enough for the average Americans to be awake at night. That’s why, however impossible it may seem, this is high time we, the Americans started having proper sleep throughout the night. And believe it or not, bed frames may help us get that extra edge for our much needed sleep.

Bed frames give the bed stability, provide support for the mattresses and make the bed balanced so that it doesn’t move with our body while we are asleep. They can also prevent heat entrapping and thin out noises considerably. Then there is the style aspect – bed frames can give the bedroom the boost it requires to look trendy and stylish as well.

There are many types of bed frames made from different materials available these days. Each material is blessed with benefits and they have their drawbacks as well.  Each of them has their own unique way of rendering service to us. For simplicity’s sake, today we are going to talk only about the metal bed frames that are widely available in the marketplace. All those models of the metal bed frames available have their own nook and crannies to consider before getting them into our houses for use. That is an issue in itself to cover and we will discuss it in a later article –

Since you are still with us, I gather that you are in need of getting a new bed frame for your bed. I say, you are in the right place. In the den of, with the help of sleep scientists and physicians, we pride ourselves in providing necessary info to our beloved readers. We consider ourselves as sleep enthusiasts and we try to cover everything that we think might help us and our readers to get our much deserved and a proper good night’s sleep.

We conduct study and research and review everything that we consider will be of help for a better sleep in some ways. We provide well thought-out insights about sleep apnea, how to deal with insomnia or even how we can get rid of bed bugs. Not only that, we also review mattresses, bean bag chairs, pillows etc and we pride ourselves in giving honest opinions about products that are essential for proper sleep.

The 7 Best Metal Bed Frames:

In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of metal bed frames that we think will serve us best. At first, please have a look at the list below following in-depth descriptions about the pros and cons of each and every product:-

  1. Zinus SmartBase 14-inch Metal Bed Frame
  2. Olee Sleep 18″ Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame
  3. Zinus Lorelai 14 Inch Metal Bed Frame
  4. Zinus Abel 14 Inch Metal Bed Frame
  5. Zinus Joseph 10 Inch Metal Bed Frame
  6. Zinus Van 16 Inch Metal Bed Frame
  7. Best Price 14 Inch Metal Bed Frame

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7 Best Metal Bed Frames Reviews In 2021

7 Best Metal Bed Frames Reviews In 2021

1. Zinus SmartBase 14-inch Metal Bed Frame

Zinus SmartBase 14-inch Metal Bed FrameThe Zinus SmartBase 14-Inch metal bed is probably the most positively-reviewed bed frame of all time. It can remove the necessity of having a box spring because your memory foam or spring mattress can rest directly on top of the frame.  It does its job quietly, so couples can rest assured that there will be no noise coming out the bed by their love-making movements.

This bed frame is made with reinforced steel and its legs have the locking capability that has made it rigid on the floor with people over it. The legs also have caps, so the probability of getting the floor scratched is nonexistent.

The floor and the bottom of the support rails are almost 14 inches apart from each other. So there are enough spaces that can be used for keeping things that we don’t use every day but need at regular intervals.

The Zinus SmartBass comes in all sizes – from narrow twins to California King, so you don’t have to worry about fitting your mattress above. The weight capacity of narrow twin, twin and twin XL sizes are about 750lbs, while the capacity goes all the way up to 1500lbs for all the sizes.

A unique feature of this frame is that you can attach headrests and custom bed-skirts if you want. For elderly or physically impaired people, this addition often brings comfort and ease.

When you order this item, it will arrive in a compact box weighs a bit over 35 pounds and you don’t need to be a mechanical engineer or any specialized tools to complete installation. All you are going to need is your opposing thumbs and the strength of an average American. This product has a 5-year limited warranty.

Two Thumbs Up For
  • Simple in design and elegant in appearance
  • Durable
  • Lightweight,
  • foldable and easily portable
  • Warranty covers everything
  • Noise-free
What's Not To Like
  • Available in only one color

2. Olee Sleep 18″ Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame

Olee Sleep 18″ Heavy Duty Metal Bed FrameOlee Sleep is a renowned outfit for creating innovative sleep accessories that have been making us want to sleep more. Their 18″ heavy duty metal bed frame is one such innovation. They care about customer feedback and in the 34 years of doing business, they always try to put that into practice.

At first 18 inches above the floor may sound a bit too much. But one New York user said that the extra height enabled her dog to go underneath the bed to play fetch. If you struggle for storage in your flat, this bed frame is a wonderful solution. If you plan and organize the stuff that needs to be stored under the bed, and also can remember what goes where and how, you can have this metal frame without having any second thought.

But the storage is only one of its many more brilliances.  The sturdy design of the reinforced metal is specially designed as anti-sagging. The adjunct latticework and heavy-duty legs provide a stable base that is even and doesn’t squeak, give way or wobble when put on weights. That means it’s noiseless even when the occupants make movements during sleep or doing other activities. The manufacturer also ensures that, though being heavy-duty the legs won’t leave any scratch marks on the floor.

If you opt for this metal frame, you aren’t going to need any box spring for the mattress, because the frame itself is enough to embed the mattress firmly and that also prevents the sliding or slipping off the mattress. It ensures the quality of sleep.

The Olee Sleep 18 inch metal bed frames have got a sleek look and will be in perfect harmony in the bedroom. There is a detailed pictograph outlining everything that is required for installation of the whole structure and the description is also in plain and simple English. The users were kind enough to give reviews mostly in agreement that setting the item up was very easy and some even said that they didn’t even need the manual. The product has a 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Two Thumbs Up For
  • Easy assembling
  • Sturdy, solid, and compact
  • Can easily handle weights up to 1200 pounds
  • Attachment of footboard and headboard possible
  • Long-Lasting
What's Not To Like
  • The end of the frames edges outside and accidents may occur
  • The bars are spaced out a bit too much
  • Tools provided are not that of high quality, and you might have to use a few of your own
  • Heavy and difficult to move it around

3. Zinus Lorelai 14 Inch Metal Bed Frame

Zinus Lorelai 14 Inch Metal Bed FrameThe Loreli 14 inch metal bed frame is a beautifully crafted metal structure for holding our mattresses firm and keeping us safe while we sleep over them.

The latest vibe ‘less is more’ is getting a lot of attention these days and for valid reasons. If you believe that as responsible human beings, we should make the world safe for our next generation and we owe it to them, then this minimalistic design will go just fine with how you want your home arranged. But to be honest, this metal bed frame will be in sync beautifully with just about every household we can think of – its design is that aesthetic.

Design aspect of this product is sorted then. But what about other aspects? Let’s talk about them with a few details.

The frame is about 14 inches apart from the floor. So there should be enough space to store things – like the dirty laundry that you didn’t have time to clean but suddenly the in-laws have announced they are coming in midweek to have dinner. Actually the underneath space is enough to be used for lots of stuff if you organize them correctly.

The metal slats are 7.1 inches apart from each other and you don’t need a box spring to hold your mattress. So, this product can help you save you some money as well.

The product is compact and the manufacturer ensures that there will be absolutely no sound, even with considerable movement. The sturdy structure also promises durability. After ordering, you will receive the product to your doorstep with the user manual and necessary tools to install it.

The twin size frames can support up to 250lbs while the other sizes can easily handle more than 500lbs. The product has a 5 year limited warranty.

Two Thumbs Up For
  • Sturdy, compact, durable
  • Price is reasonable
  • Enough storage space underneath
What's Not To Like
  • Some customers complained about the middle part being difficult to align with the rest of the structure
  • After prolonged use, squeaky sounds may start appearing
  • Available in only one color

4. Zinus Abel 14 Inch Metal Bed Frame

Zinus Abel 14 Inch Metal Bed FrameThe Zinus Abel 14 inch metal bed frame has a Quick Lock Assembly system that enables you to put together the whole structure within half an hour. You don’t have to snap any bolt and you also don’t need an engineering educational background to complete the installation. And the result is that you will get the best value for your hard earned money. But this product’s versatility doesn’t end there.

The bed is compact, sturdy and strong enough to hold more than 500lbs of body mass, though the twin-sized frames are limited to handle around 250lbs of weight.

The frame will eliminate the need for having any box spring for the mattress. It can hold the mattress tight, so there will be no chance of slipping. The reinforced bars won’t budge within their bearable weight limit and so it is not going to be saggy or making noises.

The frame has a sleek look and can be fitted into any room – be it a contemporary arrangement with modern furniture around or in a vintage setting with outdated arrangements.

There is ample storage underneath because the gap between the floor and the bed frames is about 14 inches. So the frame lets you use the space underneath as storage if you feel the need. And if you compare the prices of other products within the price range of this metal bed frame, you will see that it will probably be the best selection. The product has a 5 year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Two Thumbs Up For
  • Sleek designed
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy, compact, noise-free
  • Price is reasonable
What's Not To Like
  • Some reviewers complained about the load capacity, seems like cannot handle the weight if it crosses the prescribed limit
  • The legs are not smooth enough and may cause scratch marks on the floor if it is pushed around
  • The headboard cannot be attached

5. Zinus Joseph 10 Inch Metal Bed Frame

Zinus Joseph 10 Inch Metal Bed FrameThe manufacturer first introduced this model in September, 2016.It is a bit different compared with the other models from the same manufacturer, as it has less space underneath and the slates are made up of polished wood.

Nevertheless, the Zinus Joseph 10 inch metal bed frame is strong and sleek in design. With the reinforced steel frame, it has equally spaced out wooden slates. The slates have

The frame is perfectly capable of holding the mattress. So you don’t need to add a box spring in your purchase list, thus you can save some money when you are ready to give a much-needed renovation to your bedroom. The surface of the frame is padded with tape, as a result it is noiseless and won’t wobble under duress. And the wooden slates also have slip-proof tape. So there won’t be any squawking and the mattress will not be slipping over the frame. Just one reminder here – if you choose this metal bed frame, it advisable that you don’t opt for a water or air mattress.

The frame will give you a cage-like space underneath your bed which is perfect for storage if you use boxes and is good at organizing. The gap between the floor and the frame is about 10 inches which doesn’t seem much at first, but as I have mentioned earlier, you need to use it smartly.

When you order this product, it will be delivered to you in a narrow box weighing about 50 pounds and the frame will be folded in parts neatly inside the box. So moving the frame through hallways or staircases won’t ask for much of a physical challenge. The installation of the frame is easy also – the manuals contain clear instructions and you don’t need any extra hands or specialized mechanical tools. Like other products from the same manufacturer, the product has a limited 5 year warranty.

Two Thumbs Up For
  • Price is reasonable
  • Takes about 20 minutes to assemble and dismantling it is also quite straightforward.
  • Lightweight
  • Easily portable
  • Very handy for studio apartments
What's Not To Like
  • Some users said that using the product after about 5-6 months, the supporting middle bars bended
  • The headboard cannot be attached
  • Not suitable for water or air-filled mattresses

6. Zinus Van 16 Inch Metal Bed Frame

Zinus Van 16 Inch Metal Bed FrameZinus has really made their name in making bed frames, and Zinus Van 16 inch metal bed frame is just another of their practical approaches for holding the mattresses without the use of box spring.

The steel slates of the frame are strong and sturdy. There is no chance of sagging, and thus damaging the quality and shortening the lifespan of the mattress aren’t going to happen with this model.

Zinus always claims that they always put extra efforts to make the bed frames noiseless. In this model, they prove their commitment by adding pads over the frame. So, you won’t get any squeaky sounds or wobbly joints. So, at least the bed won’t be responsible for your sleepless nights. On the other hand, if you have a quality mattress and this bed frame underneath, your sleep hygiene will surely get a boost, and hopefully you will start having peaceful sleep.

The assembling of the product is easy and can be completed within the half hour mark. The manual is written in easy, simple English with pictures and also you aren’t going to need any extra tools as well.

The gap between the floor and the frame is more than 15 inches and so, if you have this unit you will literally have extra storage for keeping stuff. If you use containers or boxes and organize carefully, there will be plenty of spaces to keep things that you don’t need regularly.

A unique feature of this product is that you can choose if the corners of this frame would be rounded or remained a bit sharp.

This product has four sizes – twin, full, queen and king. And the bigger sizes can carry about 500 lbs with ease. The product comes with a 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Two Thumbs Up For
  • No sagging
  • Noiseless
  • Affordable comparing to the load capacity it has with the other models
  • Ample space underneath
  • Mostly favorable reviews from the customers who have been using this product
What's Not To Like
  • The mattress moves under excessive movements – according to a few users
  • A bit on the pricey-side
  • The supporting stands in the middle may collapse under prolonged use – some users complained.

7. Best Price 14 Inch Metal Bed Frame

Best Price 14 Inch Metal Bed FrameThe Best Price 14 inch metal bed frame is another example of high quality steel slate bed frame but with a low price tag attached to it. It is finely polished in pitch dark black and can be fitted smoothly in any style settings.

The frame will decimate the need for buying a box spring for your mattress. And it is quite capable of holding the mattress and prevents slipping over.

It is noise-free, durable, strong and compact. It has 9 heavy-duty steel legs and there is support for the center bar as well. The joints are attached smoothly and efficiently and there isn’t any free play inside the joints where the legs and the slates are attached.

The Best Price 14 Inch metal bed frames come in six sizes – twin, twin XL, full, queen. King, Cal. King. The load capacity gradually increases from 500 lbs of twin sizes to all the way up 1500lbs for Cal. King size. So, all you need is to figure out which size will serve you best.

There is sufficient space underneath the frame and if you use it wisely, you can store many things there.

The product is lightweight and assembling is quite easy as well. The pictograph is efficient in dictating properly to how to assemble it. And you aren’t going to need any additional tools for the job as well. The product has a five year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Two Thumbs Up For
  • Super-strong, durable, sturdy, and noiseless
  • Anti-sagging
  • Price is reasonable
  • Available in all sizes
What's Not To Like
  • The legs can cause scratch marks
  • Delivery is not yet possible everywhere.
  • No Color variation

Things To Consider Before Making Your Final Decision

Things To Consider Before Making Your Final Decision

Some people may find it difficult to agree on the fact that the bed frames play just an important and crucial role for paving the way for quality sleep as sleep hygiene does. Bed frames provide the foundation that facilitates the mattress to hold our bodies with care.

But they are not only a part of our sleep hygiene, a well-built bed frame renders functionality and oozes aesthetics. That’s why, it is infinitely essential to get the proper bed frame to the right mattress for prompting a bedroom hideaway ideal for a goodnight’s sleep.

But ironically, many of us think of selecting a new bed frame as an afterthought, whereas it should be considered in the same regard as choosing the right mattress. An interesting fact may make us think differently from now on – we spend 26 years of our lives sleeping on average. If that much amount of time is spent in bed, we might as well be serious about having a better quality sleeping system underneath our bodies.

So choosing the most suitable bed frame is, by no means an easy task. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled the best tips to follow before choosing a bed frame.

But first let me tell you why we consider the metal bed frames are the best options available now.

Versatility Of Metal Frames:

The Europeans first used the metal bed frames. They did it to eliminate bed bugs and other insect infestations that usually were occurring in wooden frames. It is obvious that metal is not susceptible to pests and needs very little to almost no maintenance.

Metal bed frames usually employ steel for the complete structure and also for the slates as well. Unlike wood, plastics, or composite woods, metal frames are unlikely to warp or break up over time. It should also be the first choice for heavier sleepers and for those who prefer durability. It is always a good idea to seek high-quality conjoined steel that holds the mattress and our weight (with a partner) and doesn’t get strained or creaked. You also should remember that lower-gauge steel is by and large thicker and stronger than the higher-gauge steel, and is also more durable.

Height Of The Structure:

Metal bed frames typically have a height of between 7-18 inches. So before selecting a frame, consider your sleep patterns and physical abilities. If you are suffering from orthopedic pain or disabilities and have arthritis of any kind, it is always a stretch on the body to bend or sit on a low-profile bed. That’s why considering these facts along with the thickness of your mattress and other bedding before choosing the height of the frame will always serve you best.


Metal bed frames offer the most stable variation from the bed frames made up of other materials available these days. Wood and wood products show the tendency to crack and warp if exposed in heat or cold, humidity of the air, or if applied or remained in prolonged pressure. Metal frames on the other hand, can resist changes of seasons and excess loads put on them. So if you are looking for stability, you should, without any hesitation, opt for a metal bed frame. Metal bed frames also have high-quality components, since the bolts and brackets are also made up of steel.


The minimum you can expect a metal bed frame to last is at least 5 years, though a properly constructed frame made with welded steel may have a longevity way more than that. One very important issue to consider before buying a particular model of metal bed frame is the ascertained limit loading capacity – because no matter how well a metal bed frame is built, if it is continuously exposed to overweight, it sure will crash.


The beauty of the metal bed frames is that they are the most affordable models with all the attractive user-benefits. Depending on the features that you must have, you should browse all the available options. In most cases, you can get everything you want from a metal bed frame for the money that you are ready to part with.

If you still feel confused before making the final decision, go through the following tips to make up your mind and make the purchase worthwhile:

  • You should have a clear idea how you are going to make the best use of the frame. The utility you would get out of it if placed in the guest room should be different if you put it in the master bedroom. That should clear the picture a whole lot more, because now you can understand what model will give you the best value for money, whether you put it in the master bedroom or in the guest room.
  • Before selecting the ‘shop now’ option from the browser, please read the fine prints carefully. A subpar manufacturer generally offers a 5 year limited warranty regardless of elemental frame material, with loopholes in place for avoiding responsibility for damages while in transit, or faulty and imperfect components for installations, returns etc. So before paying, understand these terms and then go for the purchase.
  • If possible, have an in-person observation before buying. This will help you make the final decision if you still are confused about choosing one specific model even after thorough research. So, test different options physically in a store if you feel the need.
  • You need to have a clear and concise idea about what type of frame will be the most suitable for your mattress to perform at the optimum level. It should be given careful consideration because a good quality mattress is a significant investment. And if you get a bed frame which makes the mattress sagging, losing rigidity or retaining heat and thus degrading sleep hygiene gradually, be sure that not only you are going to lose precious sleep but your hard earned money as well.
  • You need to consider the styling impression as well. Before buying you may feel it as insignificant but if you find that the frame doesn’t sync with other furniture, it surely will cause you to lose sleep instead of bringing it.
  • Your bedroom size is an influencing factor for selecting the frame you will buy. The prescribed space around the bed in a bedroom is 2-3 feet. So take a measurement of the bedroom first and then select the size that will be within the range.You should also remember that frame and/or headboard will add another few inches all around.

Bottom Line

Hopefully the seemingly simple task of buying a new metal bed frame will now really be simple – given that you have carefully read every instruction we have so far provided. While compiling the product list and the topics necessary to remember before buying, we have tried our best to be practical and consider every possible minutiae that might come along with buying the product.

We sincerely hope the effort will be worth your time and you will sleep better. Thanks.



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