Top 7 Best Pillows For Reading In Bed Reviews – Updated 2021

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For many, the bed is not only for a good night’s sleep but also an effective way to untangle from the hustle and bustle we have to deal with on a daily basis. The bed can become an intimate and convenient substitute for the armchair requiring extra space that your bedroom might not have. But the bed is more than a makeshift armchair for many – like yours truly – to binge-watch popular telly, surfing the net for fun, checking business correspondence that demands last-minute confirmation from the laptop. Indeed the beds can sometimes be more than a place to just sleep.

That’s all very fun and endearing. But the problem is that our body won’t always conform if we don’t show conformity with it first. How is it relatable to read, work or watch TV from the bed? The answer is it is very relatable and very important that you follow your body’s urge to keep it in a healthy position. At the same time, you do all the activities that you want to do from your bed.

The regular pillows have only one job: to keep our head and neck aligned with the rest of the body. They aren’t made for proper lumbar support if we want to use it to stack them underneath our back while we do something sitting upright in the bed. But most people use regular pillows, either slouch or bend the back discontinuing the natural alignment of the body and suffer back and neck pain with a host of other physical issues. All of those can be easily avoided if you simply invest some meager amount in buying a reading pillow specially designed to keep you free from the above physical ailments and provide the best support for the spine and neck and make the whole experience enjoyable and fun.

The handy thing about the reading pillows is that they can be used anywhere and still be very useful for the natural alignment of our body and comfortable at the same time. You might be thinking of having enough pillows already, but can anyone have too many pillows? So, if you don’t have one already, then you are in the right place. But if you have one and want another reading pillow for the guest room or for your teenage daughter, who is an avid reader, you are in the right place.

Deciding the right pillow to get might be a problem since there are so many available out there. That’s why we compile a list of the seven best reading pillows for your ease. Every pillow has its reason for being on the list. In the den of, we carefully review several reading pillows. We evaluate the overall comfortability, build quality, slouching propensity under pressure, pricing as per their building materials, durability, warranty, return policy, comfortable and prompt delivery after order completion, etc. We believe each of the products is of superior quality and can give you the best return of your investment.

7 Best Pillows For Reading In Bed:

  1.   ComfortSpa Reading Pillow
  2.   Linenspa Reading Pillows
  3.   Milliard Reading Pillow
  4.   Deluxe Comfort Microsuede Reading Pillows
  5.   Vekkia Reading Pillow
  6.   Husband Reading Pillow
  7.   MittaGonG Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

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Top 7 Best Pillows For Reading In Bed In 2021

Best Pillows For Reading In Bed

Now, let’s find out details about each product:

1. ComfortSpa Reading Pillow

ComfortSpa Reading PillowThe Comfortspa reading pillows have been designed so that the spine can be aligned with the rest of the body comfortably. Its filling is made up of shredded foam. This product’s beauty is that it is easily adjustable with every body type and can deliver optimum alignment while being used in an upright position. The pillow cover has side pockets where you can keep items like remote, mobile, glasses, tablets, etc. This is a timesaver for me because numerous times, I’ve seen that they show the tendency of hiding just when I need them.

The sturdiness of the filling materials makes the pillow usable as a wedge to support the spine, and they don’t give in after prolonged use. The hands attached to the pillow are also beneficial for providing support and place it firmly over the surface upon which you keep the pillow seated. The pointers also offer ease and comfort when you use it. The hands extend about 11 inches out, which is just about enough to provide ample spaces for keeping one of the hands lying over them.

The pillow comes with a grey, breathable, and velour cover. The cover fabric is easily washable, so you won’t have to worry about accidental spillage. And I have to mention that the cover fabric’s color is neutral and goes just fine with any décor. There is also a handle attached to the pillow cover, which makes it easily portable.

The pillow would be compressed when the customer receives the product. After removing the wrapping, it’s best to wait a minimum of 24-48 hours to allow the pillow to get back to its intended shape. This will eliminate foul or chemical odors just in case if there are any.

Technical Details:

  • Product Dimensions:   30 X 12 X 18 inches.
  • Item Weight:  6.69 pounds
  • Refund Policy: The manufacturer offers a 100%  refund policy if the product is unused and returned undamaged.
  • Guarantee: 1-year
Two Thumbs Up For
  • Comfortable
  • Strong enough to support heavy set physique
  • Can be used with ease in recliner, sofa, office, or conference style chairs
  • Reasonable price
What's Not To Like
  • Foul odor sometimes remains even after 48 hours
  • No color choice

2. Linenspa Reading Pillows

Linenspa Reading PillowsLinenspa reading pillows are best known for their intimate vibe when you use them. The pillows have three different sizes:

  • Standard
  • Extra-Large
  • Extra-Large with removable neck support.

All the sizes are perfect for doing the one job they were built to do – they provide excellent spinal support while you lounge in the bed, on the sofa, or in any place where you can place it and lay your back on it. Then there is the availability of the sizes, which will make them handy for you to choose for people of different sizes for your family. Let’s say the standard one is the perfect fit for the mom, the extra-large with the removable neck will suit the teenager most, and for the dad, extra-large will do the job just fine. These pillows have plump foam pieces, so the air can move easily, enabling the product itself to be safe from being stagnated and releasing unhealthy bacterial spreading. The shredded memory foam (100% polyurethane) is perfectly capable of supporting the natural curve of our bodies. So, it’s a pleasure to use the product to read books, watch TV, or surf the net on our laptop.

The cover is made up of a soft and durable fabric that is 100% polyester and washable. The covers have two colors – stone or navy, and both the colors are easily compatible with most modern house decor. The manufacturer told us that these pillows’ backrests are especially suitable for recovering patients from the surgery and other injuries. The product will be compressed and nicely rolled in the box when delivered. You need to shake and then leave them for 24-48 hours to retain their usable shapes.

Technical Details:

  • Standard:- 26 X 15 X 18 inches
  • Extra Large :- 42 X 15 X 24 inches
  • Extra Large with removable neck:- 42 X 15 X 24 inches
  • Item Weight:  6 to 6.50 pounds
  • Guarantee: 3-year
Two Thumbs Up For
  • Suitable for breastfeeding moms
  • Sturdiness and rigidity
  • Great for patients who have to spend a lot of time in the bed
  • Reasonable price
  • Breathable
  • Certi-PUR Certified
What's Not To Like
  • Foul odor sometimes remains even after 48 hours
  • Rolling inside packaging creates creases that can’t be flattened even after ironing.
  • Arms seem floppy

3. Milliard Reading Pillow

Milliard Reading PillowMiller reading pillows are another husband-style reading pillow which is beautifully designed for use on the bed, couch, or even on the floor. This product’s shape is ideal for giving adequate support to the neck, back, and arms. The manufacturer even goes this far by saying that their pillow can be substituted for regular pillows if you want to sleep upright.

As a result of this unique quality, it is supremely suitable for pregnant women who suffer from acid reflux. It is also an excellent choice for people who have night-time nasal congestion. The stuffing is Certi-PUR certified, so you won’t have to worry about the memory foam’s quality in making this pillow. The high-quality memory foam stuffing adapts to our body shape with ease and gives us excellent comfort and support. Another unique feature is that you can adjust the filling – remove some if it feels too sturdy or purchases more if you want more firmness. It gives a somewhat customized feel to your reading pillow.

This product is available in three sizes:

  • Standard
  • Extra Large
  • Petite.

That means you can have it for every family member according to their sizes and be sure that everyone will get comfort and adequate spinal support. The fabric of the cover is velour and easily washable. So you don’t need to worry about spills or stains. There is a handle, so it is easily portable as well.

Technical Details:

  • Standard:– 15 X 12 X 18 inches.
  • Extra Large :- 15 X 15 X 24 inches
  • Petite :- 14 X 12 X 14 inches
  • Guarantee :1-year
Two Thumbs Up For
  • Suitable for removing lower back pain
  • Adjustable sturdiness and rigidity
  • Durable and well-thought-out product
  • Reasonable price
  • Can serve the whole family with different sizes
  • Certi-PUR Certified
What's Not To Like
  • Possible bad odor
  • Don’t have dedicated neck support
  • Few customers complain about not having memory foam for the petite version.

4. Deluxe Comfort Microsuede Reading Pillows

Deluxe Comfort Microsuede Reading PillowsThe manufacturer describes this product feels like enjoying a gentle breeze when you use this bed while you are in bed. It has been said to be especially useful for having bed rest following after surgery or in the midst of a difficult pregnancy. It is also preferable if you like to spend your leisure time lounging in bed while binge-watching popular TV series or enjoying old classics. The beauty of the product is it was initially designed to make reading books. Still, it can cause other endeavors in the bed equally comfortable.

It can keep you upright effortlessly in the bed, saving you from neck and back pain. It stands firm and won’t slouch or topple over when you lean your back on it. The arms are long and thick for comfortable use, and they also provide extra stability. The Microsuede cover feels soothing, and it is also easy to remove. The covers are available in 10 colors, so you wouldn’t have any problem fitting it right with your home décor.

The pillow is firm and strong, the sturdiness won’t give in after extended uses. The handle on top of the neck makes it portable, and the pockets can also be used for keeping stuff like the mobile, TV remote, etc. while it is being used.

Technical Details:

  • Product Dimensions: 26X 18 X 18 inches.
  • Item Weight:  3 pounds
  • Warranty: two years
Two Thumbs Up For
  • Very reasonable price
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Availability of 10 colors
What's Not To Like
  • The zipper seems not to be fitted with the cover strongly, some users complained about the zipper disintegrating after being washed for the first time.
  • ‘One size fits all’ doesn’t exactly suit all.
  • Hands are small.

5. Vekkia Reading Pillow

Vekkia Reading PillowThe Vekkia reading pillow has premium quality memory foam encased by a velvet cover, which beams luxury. But at the same time, the cover is also comfortable to grab. Performance-wise, it is one of the most popular reading pillows. It has got the looks, and it does premium service to its users. The primary reason for having any pillow is to get support for our back while reading on the bed. And this product does that with style.

The Vekkia reading pillow has an expansive size, and it gracefully embraces the contours of our body. It can accommodate users with ease and get into the shape that promotes healthy postures by neutralizing our body’s critical pressure points. This pillow has a detachable neck bolster, ergonomic armrests, side and back pockets for giving the option to have a bit extra space for convenient storage. The premium blend of shredded memory foam used in Vekkia reading pillows are therapeutic and perfectly capable of rendering optimum comfort for the users.

And most importantly, the pillows are renowned for retaining almost the original shape even after prolonged use. This pillow is also an example of quality stitching, which showcases the manufacturer’s craftsmanship.

There is a cute addition of 200gm of extra foam with the package. If you can cover it with something colorful, it will multiply the pillow manifolds’ aesthetic beauty.

Technical Details:

  • Product Dimensions:  15 X 11 X 18 inches.
  • Item Weight: 6.25 pounds
  • Warranty: one year
Two Thumbs Up For
  • The plush velvet fabric of the cover is breathable.
  • Portable.
  • Durable.
  • Reasonable price.
What's Not To Like
  • Some users complained about the ratio of memory foam being untruthful.
  • Limited options for choosing the color.

6. Husband Reading Pillow

Husband Reading PillowThough the husband pillow is essentially a bed backrest pillow with arms, it feels like giving a warm hug since its generous dimensions can cradle and cushion the head, neck, back, and even the arms. The smooth cover is filled with fluffy, premium shredded foam filling that is going to pamper and rejuvenate you while you use it. The pillow is sturdy, and a fully formed backrest provides support for the entire upper body. The cover is removable, and it can be laundered without the fear of the cover being damaged. The cover also has a zipper on the bottom, so you can add or

remove foam whenever you feel the need to do so. Moreover, the neck roll also has a zipper with which you pull it from the main structure if you don’t need the neck rest. One convenient thing about the cover is that it is available in whooping 20 colors. So, whenever you feel that the bed needs a changeover, simply get a new cover for the reading pillow, and see what it does to make everything look refreshed.

Keeping the aesthetic side of the husband pillow aside, the product is wonderfully capable of doing more than you want to do in the first place. It is custom-made for people who use the bed not only for sleeping but also for reading, watching TV, working with the laptop, or simply just lounging. You can use it on the sofa, in the recliner, on the floor – what more can you ask from it?

There is a back pocket which can effortlessly hold a book or magazine, glasses, the neckroll, or any other small objects that might be useful while you use the pillow. And on top of the back pocket, there is a built-in side pocket to offer you more ease and comfort to keep the necessary objects nearby.

Technical Details:

  • Product Dimensions: 32X 16 X 18 inches.
  • Item Weight:  9 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years
Two Thumbs Up For
  • Can be used for various purposes
  • Sturdy but comfortable
  • Durable
  • Can be customized to get the best comfort out of it
What's Not To Like
  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Not always easily adjustable with the home decor.

7. MittaGonG Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

MittaGonG Shredded Foam Reading PillowThe Mittagong reading pillow has a uniquely designed detachable and adjustable neckroll to provide the neck sufficient support to eliminate any possibilities of neck pain. The handy aspect of this detachable neckroll is that it can also be used for supporting the head, back, waist or even the legs if you feel the need. The backrest of the pillow is sturdy and the size is large enough to render support for the entire upper body. The pillow has a filling made up of shredded sponge and memory foam, which ensures comfort while it is being used. The backrest is strong enough and leaning on it won’t make it give in. That’s why it is also handy if you want to use it for watching TV or playing video games on the bed or staying on the floor. The arms are thick and long, so you can put your elbows on it comfortably. The side pockets are a handy addition to be used as temporary storage for small items like the mobile phone. TV remote, glasses etc.

The cover is soft and the velour fabric is breathable and feels smooth while being touched. The pillow is also machine washable. The zipper is at the bottom and it makes the cover easy to remove and put back on. The handle on the top makes the pillow convenient for carrying around.

The pillow is delivered in vacuum packaging and usually requires for 2-5 days to be fully ready to use. You need to put it in the sun and ventilate before using.

Technical Details:

  • Product Dimensions: 32 X 16 X 18 inches.
  • Item Weight:  5.89
  • Warranty : one year
Two Thumbs Up For
  • Very comfortable, durable and portable.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Good fit for taller people.
  • Easy maintenance.
What's Not To Like
  • In some cases, a chemical odor remains.
  • Heavy.

What To Look For Before Buying A Reading Pillow

Now let’s get to the business end – what to look for in a reading pillow when you are ready to spend your hard-earned money. To help you finalize your decision and get the best reading pillow, which not only is economical but also will be compatible with your lifestyle and usage plans, please take the following issues into careful consideration:

Top 7 Best Pillows For Reading In Bed

 Inner Material & Support:

Like the standard sleeping pillows we regularly use, reading pillows are also filled with various materials. And each material is unique in its own way and delivers different kinds of support. The materials that are mostly used in reading pillows are as follows:

 Memory Foam:

Scientifically known as viscoelastic polyurethane foam, memory foam is the most comfortable material that is used in a reading pillow. It is not only dense but also profoundly contouring in nature, so it gets the shape of your body when you apply pressure or leans on it. It also gets softened upon regular usage. Usually, one large piece is used to make reading pillows, and the pillows give you the feel of cradling the body, neck, or the head, while at the same time keeping its intended shape.

 Shredded Memory Foam:

Shredded memory foam pillow gets the filling with many small pieces of foam – hence the name ‘shredded memory foam.’ Usually, the shreds of the memory foam are not stitched together. That’s why the shreds of foam can move freely within the reading pillow. This allows the user to engrave their shape to receive pointed support in several areas. Shredded memory foam pillows retain less temperature than memory foam. This material is softer and more mouldable than the traditional memory foam. A few models have adjustable fillings – you can add or remove filling to get the desired sturdiness and loft.

Microfiber/Polyester Fiber:

Polyester or microfiber fillings are kinds of man-made, synthetic material. This material is inexpensive and is regularly used in both standards and reading pillows. Reading pillows made up of this material will not provide the same support as their counterpart memory, and shredded memory foam can deliver. The reading pillows will also be short-lived in that after getting used for a time, they will lose shape and won’t provide support for the spine and the back.

 Pillow Cover:

The cover is also an essential factor to judge carefully before making the purchasing decision. As the inner material provides shape and support, the cover renders style, beauty, durability, comfort and appearance.

The Most Popular Reading Fabrics Include

Faux Suede:

mostly known as microfiber suede or micro-suede, is a synthetic cover designed to resemble animals suede in look and feel. The sleek, family-friendly fabric is durable and tightly woven in a way that repels stains. Micro-suede reading pillows are easy to clean and can usually be washed with everyday household products.


if you want your reading pillow cover to be plush and shiny, you should use velvet instead of other upholstery fabrics. The velvet covers give reading pillows a luxurious look which other materials cannot always provide. Like every other product, how long the velvet cover reading pillow will last is hugely dependent on the type of fiber used to make the cover. Silk velvet is predictably delicate, and its

durability depends on many other things other than its own build quality. Wool and mohair velvet, on the other hand, both last long and most of the time, can withhold kids’ rampage. They are also stain-resistant. Cotton velvet gets crushed easily, and so gets wrinkled quickly. To prevent that, cotton velvet is usually mixed with polyester and other fibers. The blending also gives durability. The catch here is velvet reading pillows typically need professional cleaning.


more like velvet, velour pillow covers have the splendor and gentle feel. The good thing about velour is that they are cheap and they are easy to clean. It also

possesses more stretchiness than velvet. You should opt for velour cover over velvet if you are going to use it more often. And it should be your automatic choice if there are vast possibilities of being used as an object for playing by the children or by the pets.


corduroy fabrics are usually made from cotton or from some blend of cotton with other materials. This pillow cover is soft and durable. Corduroy fabrics have ridges that run the entire length of the fabric. The unique look and uncommon feel are owed to the ridges that the fabric has. But over time, ridges may give away and look in shambles. Also the fabric tends to snag on claws, which makes it disqualified automatically for the households that have pets. Corduroy fabrics are usually machine-washable.

Pillow Style:

Mainly two styles of reading pillows are available and can do the job of giving support and comfort:


also known as ‘husband pillows,’ the conventional reading pillows typically come with a steep backrest with arms. They are tall, broad, sturdy, and firmly planted on the bed. Traditional reading pillows can support the entire upper back. That means the head, neck, shoulders, spine, and arms can be aligned with the body’s natural curve. These pillows may feature removable and adjustable neck pillows and/or headrests. They can also have pockets on the back or in the arms and handles on top.


basically, wedge pillows are orthopedic pillows having a sloping shape and used for both sleepings and reading with other activities that may warrant up-right actions. Wedge pillows are primarily beneficial for medical issues like sleep apnea, back pain, acid reflux, and low blood circulation. That’s why it can be argued that wedge pillows are more orthopedic than a reading pillow.

Styling Features:

Reading pillows come with a plethora of colors with various designs -so, you probably will have no problems finding one that suits your taste and planned usage. But it would be rational to go for one with a neutral look and design if you want to use it for a long time. The idea is that things that don’t signify any particular style will easily stand the test of time.

Additional Features:

As I have mentioned earlier, some reading pillows feature other additions with the main structure of the pillow. Let’s have a look at a few additions to make the user experience of reading pillows more comfortable and handy:

  • Handle – bigger reading pillows sometimes have a top handle. It makes it easy to move.
  • Pockets – a few husbands pillows feature side and/or back pockets for keeping items like mobile phone, TV remote, headphones, or even a book.
  •  Armrests – typical reading pillows come with armrests.
  •  Cup-Holders – luxury reading pillows with armrests sometimes include cup-holders so that you can have a beverage without the fear of spilling.
  •  Headrest – you will often get a headrest or neck roll to provide extra support for your head and neck. The headrest can be detachable as well.

Adjustable Loft:

the reading pillows that are filled with shredded memory foam may include an adjustable loft. It allows you to alter its shape to make the sturdiness as per your preference. Manufacturers may offer extra filling, or in some cases, you have to buy the extra ones. Now let’s focus on some crucial aspects which, in no way, should be ignored before buying the pillow:


Again as I have mentioned before, many models of reading pillows come with a removable cover that can be washed in regular washing machines. Others can only be spot clean or need professional cleaning. So, figure out how you are going to clean the pillow, then choose the option which will let you clean without going through any extra hassle.

Shipping & Delivery:

You have to understand the shipping and delivery policies for the reading pillow that you are going to buy. If you want to get it from Amazon, check if your product will be eligible for free, two-day shipping under Prime.

Warranty & Returns:

It can sometimes be tricky to figure out clearly whether you will be able to return the reading pillow if you find out that the product is not suitable for you. The vendor sometimes offers a trial window. Find out the length of the time you have to test the product before you can send it back for a refund. You should also look for the warranty – to be able to know the level of confidence a manufacturer has and the craftsmanship they put behind their product. Being familiar with the terms of the warranty often will be fruitful if and when you discover a defect, and you do it within the specified time frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Reading Pillow?

A pillow that is specifically designed and shaped so that it can prop you up and help you read comfortably while you are in bed is something we can call a reading pillow. Reading pillows come in different shapes and sizes to suit the multifaceted needs of different people. Some ‘reading’ pillows might have other names. Still, it is safe to assume that as long as the pillow lets you prop in some form of an upright position and provides support for the neck and back is a reading pillow.

What Makes A Good Reading Pillow?

The average American typically has two or three pillows on their bed. Pillows are mostly stuffed with polyester (a synthetic), feathers, down, or a combination of the latter two. Polyester is the least expensive material to manufacture pillows, but synthetic pillows have the most durability. They are also easily washable and are known to induce minimal allergic reactions. The pillows that are stuffed with goose down are the most expensive ones. Feathers have their place in between those two as the materials can be collected with moderate pricing. To make high-end pillows, a combination of goose feathers and down is used. The price point of these pillows is determined by the ratio of the two materials – with more down, the price is going to get higher and vice versa.

Why Should You Buy A Reading Pillow?

It is of utmost importance that we keep our spine and back healthy no matter what we are doing. At the same time, we carry on doing our daily businesses. Gravity applies continuous pressure on our joints and muscles, and a good posture can spread out the pressure evenly. This also helps prevent arthritis, poor blood circulation, fatigue, jaw pain, breathing efficacy, headaches, shoulder and back pain, and among other things, sexual dysfunction.

Now, think about how difficult it can be to keep your spine correctly aligned when you try to sit in the bed’s upright position. A headboard seems a good idea but can control the spine from unhealthy bending? The answer is ‘no’ because headboards aren’t made for keeping the spine aligned. You can stack standard sleep pillows, but that will be inadequate as well and prompts to slump or bend awkwardly that employ pressure on joints and constrict the spine. Moreover, regular sleeping pillows are not only hopelessly insufficient for providing necessary support, but they will also lose their natural structure, shape, and rigidity if you always crunch them by placing them between you and your headboard, which ultimately might bring forth other problems in the form of sleep apnea and sleep disorders.

But luckily for avid readers, reading pillows are designed in such a way so that keeping all those problems can not affect you in any way. You can now read books in your bed for an extended period without any possibility of creating any future problems associated with the spine or bad posture.

Who Needs A Reading Pillow?

If you are a serious reader, you should have clear ideas about why you are going to need a reading pillow. But suppose you are not a serious reader, rather more of a binge-watcher of everything. In that case, the same reasons also apply, and you must use a reading pillow. It is also a godsend for those of you who might go through recovery from surgery or for any other medical purposes and are currently bound to spend time in bed. Then there are old people who, for old age or for other health-related issues, have to spend a long time in the bed, should also use reading pillows with or without the armrests. The reason is if they don’t change or shift positions, it’s highly likely that they are going to get bed cases of bedsores.

 How Do You Use A Reading Pillow?

A reading pillow’s originating idea is to provide support and ensure you remain comfortable when you go through pages from your favorite book sitting or lounging in the bed. Different people get into different positions while they read in. That’s why reading pillows also have different types, sizes, and shapes to meet the diverse needs. To get the best support for the spine, a contouring reading pillow with armrests is the best option. You can simply place it using the headboard as to get the rigidity needed to hold the pillow and maintain its shape when the weight of the body will be put on it. There are multiple uses for a wedge pillow – when used against the headboard, it supports the back; when it is on your lap, it gives elevation.

Then there are the traditional bed supports. You can simply put behind your back to get extra comfort if you prefer reading in a reclining position. But as I have mentioned earlier, a reading pillow is also handy when you need enough spinal support while being engaged in activities like reading newspapers with an upright sitting posture, playing video games, or surfing the internet using your Smartphone from the floor, merely bolstering the spine for good posture, reading and curling up on the sofa at the same time, while suffering from congested chest or nose and sleeping upright, keeping injured limbs elevated to heal faster, etc. When you get one, I am pretty sure you can find more healthy ways to get good posture and relieve the spine from future pains.

Can You Personalize A Reading Pillow?

Almost all the reading pillows you can get online or from the supermarkets are fitted with a zipper making the pillow adjustable for the required amount of filling that can be put inside the pillows. When your chosen variety seems too stiff, you can simply remove the memory foam filling to give the pillow a softer feel. In the case of the opposite situation, just stuff more material inside the reading pillow, and you will get a taut and personalized pillow having the specifications that will work only for you.

How Do You Clean And Wash Your Reading Pillow?

As with the other pillows in your household, you cannot put the entire pillow inside the washer as the materials inside will be destroyed. For the same reason, you can’t wash it by your hands as well. Simply get the pillow cover and wash it whichever you prefer because it is made up of cloth. Just be careful about remembering the instructions of cleaning the pillow cover when you got them while you bought it. You can never use bleach or any chlorinated products while cleaning the pillow cover.

Final Thoughts

An expensive reading pillow doesn’t guarantee quality or comfort, likewise an inexpensive one can be awesome with excellent comfort and durability. So, price shouldn’t be the only denominator before selecting your reading pillow – know how you are going to use it, who the users will be and how long you realistically wish for using it – then go for the one that will serve you best. I sincerely hope you get what you want.

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