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Jennifer R. Heller is a writer at Sleeping Park, the leading source for sleeping products and information. She has spent her time researching sleeping health topics, testing out new sleeping merchandise, and interviewing experts in the field to create informative articles on all things related to sleep. She also writes about her findings in blogs published with every piece she writes on the site. Jennifer also has an economics degree and enjoys using her knowledge of supply and demand to help customers find their perfect mattress match. Jennifer likes to read or travel overseas when she’s not at work or hanging out with her family.

Content Writer

David A. Buhr is a writer at Sleeping Park, an online resource for sleeping products, wellness and health. He’s interested in everything related to the human body; sleep, exercise, diet, mental health. He enjoys writing on-the-go with his laptop or journal (or pen and paper). Dave works remotely as a digital nomad. He loves to travel and has lived in many places including Europe and North America. David meditates regularly and enjoys cycling for exercise. David enjoys shopping at Trader Joe’s (he says it’s like “a little piece of home”) as well as trying every food type he can get his hands-on!