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Jennifer is the Sleeping products expert and merchandise testers. She features a vast selection of experiences to effort from when creating the standard information our visitors come to seek out. She handles the daily operations of the site, and you’ll also see her in plenty of reviews, from mattresses to travel pillow and bed pillow reviews. She’s adamant about sleep health and knows just how important it’s to our well-being. Jenifer reports, writes, and edits sleep health and sleep industry news on her site. She will be found reading or traveling when she gets leaser time.

Jennifer’s Profile in Her Own Words

She has a bachelor’s degree in The University of Texas at Arlington and a master’s degree in Economics. During her graduate studies, Jenifer focused on blog writing as a part-time writer.

Now while she spends plenty of time writing about sleep, she credits her two young son with her inability to get that elusive 8 hours each night. When she’s not writing about sleep – or trying to sleep – Jennifer can be found outside with her family staying active and hanging with the family dog, Chloe!

When it involves sleep, I don’t fiddle. I’m adamant about my 8 hours nightly and firmly believe that proper sleep health affects everything else in your life. When I’m experiencing sleep deprivation, my life suddenly becomes unmanageable, and I’m not the person I prefer to be. I wake to feel secure and healthy.

Content Writer

David is a content writer for Sleepingpark who loves combining his enthusiasm for writing and wellness. He’s had a passion for writing since eight years. Embracing the remote work life, he occasionally takes her work on the road and lives out her travel writer pipe dream.

In his free time, he attempts to meditate regularly, rides his bike to Trader Joe’s, and enjoys trying every type of food that she can get her hands on.