Is It Better For Your Neck To Sleep Without A Pillow?

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You may have experienced different types of neck pain in the morning. The immediate root cause that comes to mind is sleeping in an unnatural position. It’s important to have restful sleep, and if you are not, there are several ways you can improve your sleeping health which focuses on the sleeping position, eating habits, and discipline so you wake up rejuvenated.

Is It Better For Your Neck To Sleep Without A Pillow?

Waking up with neck pain not only causes physical stress but often leads to a bad mood and distractions throughout the day. Also, chronic neck pain can trigger long-term spinal and back-related problems. The consequences of these health problems include poor posture, reduced range of motion, spinal stenosis, and much more. While you may experience neck pain because of some underlying issues or previous injury, therefore, you must strive to resolve the neck pain immediately to prevent prolonged complications.

There are different types of neck pain, like muscle stiffness and soreness, and whenever we experience neck pain the first thing that comes to mind is the pillow. Mostly, because we rest our heads on the pillow while sleeping. Some people feel the need to sleep on a big pillow while others prefer a thinner one. You might have friends or relatives who are comfortable sleeping without a pillow. The question of sleeping with or without a pillow has long been debated.

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Your Neck To Sleep Without A Pillow

We explore and answer this question – Is it better for your neck to sleep without a pillow?

1. Sleeping Positions

It might not have occurred to you, but the position in which you sleep the entire night matters a lot. People tend to sleep in positions most comfortable to them. Sleeping in a preferred position helps an individual fall asleep faster. Although, you may have a preferred sleeping position before dozing off, let’s have a look at different sleeping positions and how they affect the neck. The idea of different sleeping positions is to ensure that your neck and head are aligned with the spine.

2. Fetal Position

Most people prefer sleeping in this position because of the comfortable experience. The name itself suggests the body position – sleeping like in an infant or as every human does in the fetus.

3. Freefall Position

Freefall Position

Imagine lying on the stomach, head turned on the side, and hands wrapping the pillow. This position is the most comfortable yet aggravates a lot of health-related issues. In the freefall position, the neck and spine are not in a neutral position. Yet this is the best position to sleep without a pillow.

4. Yearner Position

Extending your arms in front while sleeping on the side is called sleeping in Yearner’s position. This position eases heartburn and improves blood flow. Sleeping in Yearner’s position reduces blood flow to the extended arms.

5. Soldier Position

Sleeping on your back with arms on the side is called a soldier position. While you sleep in this position your head, neck, and back remain aligned neutrally. However, sleeping in the soldier position may cause snoring.

6. Starfish Position

A sleeping position where an individual sleeps on their back while pointing the arms pointed upwards. The starfish position allows the spine to relax but puts excessive pressure on the shoulders.

7. Log Position

Sleeping on the sides with both arms extending downwards is known as Log Position. The position ensures good posture but one might experience hip pain because of the lack of support to the lower legs.

You might be sleeping in any of the positions mentioned above. All these positions have advantages and drawbacks of their own. The essential factor while sleeping is Pillow Placement. One can sleep in any desired position as long as the spine aligns neutrally with the neck and head.

These days, the marketplace is filled with pillows ergonomically designed to support your neck and back. The pillows keep your neck relaxed and aligned with the spine. Similarly, cotton helps wick away sweat to provide restful and uninterrupted sleep. 100% Long Staple Cotton ensures you sleep peacefully when you feel hot as it naturally keeps you cool at a warm temperature. Pizuna Pillowcases are made from 100% Long Staple Cotton to let your skin breathe while sleeping.

The debate of sleeping with or without a pillow will remain inconclusive. Find the sleeping position that you are most comfortable with and ensure your spine is aligned properly to prevent physical ailments mainly neck pain.

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