The 7 Best Color Bed Sheets To Hide Stains -Updated of February 2023

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Wondering what the best color bed sheets to hide stains are? Whether it’s a pet mess, sex stains, period blood, or sweaty nights—knowing which colors will work for your needs can come in handy. After all, who doesn’t want their linens to last for years?

Our Best Picks Are Here, Check The Comparison List And Get The Best Color Bed Sheets To Hide Stains

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Before you start buying, however, it’s critical to understand which colors are best for each type of stain. Many people prefer black to conceal bloodstains, such as those persistent period stains that plague all women who menstruate. On the other hand, Sweat stains should be hidden as much as possible by dark colors like navy blue. Because urine has yellow components naturally, dark brown sheets may help hide annoying bedwetting or pet stains. And, now, sex stains. Light, neutral-toned bedding (such as white or cream) may be useful for covering sex stains resulting from semen and vaginal fluids, which are typically clear or white.

Another thing to consider when buying bed sheets is the quality and convenience of maintenance. Whether you want to use your bedding right once a month or every day of the year, you’ll want to look for high-quality bed sheets that are comfy, long-lasting, and simple to clean.

Cotton is a popular material for bed sheets since it is soft, breathable, and long-lasting. If you’re searching for luxury, choose Egyptian cotton; if you seek value, simplicity, and durability, go with a cotton-polyester blend.

Microfiber sheets are a cost-effective alternative, but because the material isn’t as breathable as cotton, keep that in mind if you tend to sweat at night. Bamboo is a highly breathable material, and it’s also more environmentally responsible.  It’s also not a bad idea to look for fade-resistant and stain-resistant bedding.

Whether you’re on a budget or want to go all out, take a look at our suggestions for picking the right color bed sheets to conceal stains that fits your budget. There are numerous sheet choices, so there’s no doubt you’re perplexed as to which one to pick.

The 7 Best Color Bed Sheets To Hide Stains

The 7 Best Color Bed Sheets To Hide Stains

  1. Thread Spread Pure Egyptian Queen Size Cotton Bed Sheets Set – Editor’s Choice
  2. LuxClub 7 Pcs Bamboo SheetsBest Value Bed Sheet Set
  3. Threadmill 100% Pure Cotton 600 Thread Count Cotton Sheets Premium Choice
  4. Comfort Spaces 100% Cotton SheetsBest Percale Bed Sheet Set
  5. Cosy House Collection King Size Sheets SetBest Polyester Bed Sheet Set
  6. California Design Den 6-Piece Blue Queen Sheet SetBest Value Cotton Bed Sheet Set
  7. Home Luxury 800 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Queen Size Bed SheetBest Luxury Bed Sheet Set

Comparison Chart – 7 Best Color Bed Sheets To Hide Stains

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What color Hides Stains Best?

What color Hides Stains Best

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Things To Consider When Buying Bed Sheets

Things To Consider When Buying Bed Sheets

Buying bedsheets might seem to be an easy task at first, but it is not. It requires thorough knowledge of the various types of fabrics available and how to identify their quality. These are the several factors you need to consider while buying bed sheets:

Solid Color or Printed Sheet?

Choose whether you want a printed sheet or a solid color bed sheet set for your bedroom. Although bedsheets come in various colors and prints, they make the room look stunning when matched together. You may select from eye-catching floral patterns to geometrical designs or classic solids depending upon the interior décor of your room. Bed sheets with contemporary prints give a stylish finish to the décor of the bedroom.

Solid Colors

Choosing the right color for your bed sheets can help you in different ways. Color is not just to make your room look better, but choosing bed sheets in the right color can also aid your sleep and hide stains.  That said, the colors you choose should match the colors in your room, and they should also be able to bring out the best in your existing décor and furniture.

White is a safe bet that will always look lovely, especially during summers when too much heat can make any environment hot and stuffy. Ivory, ivory white, or eggshell are shades of white that you might find appealing since they don’t feel too harsh on the eyes.

On the other hand, navy blue works great if you’re looking forward to getting more restful sleep without worrying about bright lights or even direct sunlight from outside disturbing your slumber. Navy blue is a color that helps reset the body’s natural clock and helps you fall asleep much faster because it triggers the release of melatonin in the brain.

Here are some other bed sheet colors that will not only make you sleep better but hide unwanted stains and dirt.


White is versatile and can be paired with a variety of different colors. If you do not have a particular theme going on in your bedroom, white bed sheets are the perfect choice for you. White is also very easy to care for and maintain as it does not easily show dirt or stains that may occur.


Black is always a good choice if you’re worried about staining your linens, especially if it’s visible when you’re just waking up or trying to fall asleep.

Navy Blue

You can never go wrong with this color when it comes to bedding. This dark tone covers up pretty much any stain (i.e., wine, blood) depending on where you spill it (if blood is spilled near white sheets, for example, the contrasting color may show through!). Plus, since navy doesn’t reflect light as lighter colors do, you can sleep peacefully without fear of waking up to a darker color because your body made the sheets that way.


Similar to navy, these colors are pretty versatile in hiding stains. Generally, stains tend to pop against lighter colors – but not when it comes to this duo. Just be careful with lighter colors near darker ones (i.e., white bed skirts next to navy sheets), or else they may show through.


This color hides stains, especially if you have pets who accidentally bump into your bedding during the night or early morning hours. This is also a good choice for girls who suffer from heavy periods and want to keep their sheets intact— we’ve all been there.

Light Blue/Green

This color will play tricks on your mind after a long night – you’ll think your linens are white when in reality, they are covered in stains of unknown origins. It’s good for the beginner bedmaker because it hides blood stains or any other stain for that matter, but don’t count on them staying hidden forever. There will be a day when you wake up to find out your pet peed on your “light blue” bedding while you were sleeping.


These colors take hiding stains to another level, especially if you have children or clumsy pets. If you choose this color, we suggest getting sheets made of microfiber or some other material with a “soft touch” so it doesn’t feel irritating when you lie on your bedding. Also, be careful if you have any allergies, as some people are allergic to certain types of fabrics.


If you don’t like solid-colored bed sheets, you can always go for a patterned one. Patterns range from classic and classy stripes to funky polka dots, elegant plaids, and vibrant florals. Although patterns may be more colorful on the sheets than on your pajamas or pillowcases, they add character and style to any room’s decorating scheme.


Make sure that you measure your bed before buying new sheets because there are different sizes available for twin-size beds, full-size beds, queen-size beds, king-size beds, etc. Matching the right sheet size with the bed is important in making sure that it stays in place without coming off at night when you’re sleeping. If it’s too short for the mattress pad or too big in general, it may bunch up and look untidy. There are mainly two varieties in this regard: full size and queen size. Full size is the one with dimensions of 81 x 96 inches that fits almost all standard double beds. Queen-size bed sheets have a dimension of 86 x 92 inches and usually fit queen-sized beds, which can also be used on a double bed.


When choosing sheets, consider your climate and season because different types of fabrics are made to suit the weather. Cotton fabric is lightweight and breathable for warmer climates, while flannel is warm and fuzzy for cooler temperatures. Percale cotton has a crisp, smooth finish, while sateen cotton has a soft luster for all-around comfort. You can also opt for silk, bamboo, or linen sheets when buying new bedding to add an extra touch of luxury to your bedroom.

Percale, Sateen, Or Flannel?

If you’re someone who loves to stay in bed for longer, investing in a softer fabric such as percale sheets might be a good idea since they can provide you with more comfort, and they also breathe better than other fabrics do. This means that the rise in your body temperature will reduce, and this will help prevent sweat build up on your surface when temperatures outside go beyond what your body can handle. Percale is also an ideal choice for individuals who are often cold at night because they help trap heat within the surface of the bedsheets.

Another option you have when looking into buying new sheets is choosing flannel as your base material. Flannel will keep you warm during those cold winter months at night and help keep you cool during those hot summer nights. The softness of the flannel makes it a great top layer for making your bed more comfortable to sleep under.

Last but not least, sateen sheets are great for individuals who often feel cold at night and want to get rid of any uncomfortable chill, especially if winter is coming soon. Sateen sheets do the job when it comes to trapping body heat within your bedsheets, which makes them ideal for use in pretty much any season aside from summer. Additionally, these types of sheets are also soft, which makes them comfortable enough to provide you with a good night’s sleep no matter how hot the weather gets outside. If you like sleeping on incredibly smooth surfaces, then sateens’ might be a good choice for you.

Polyester, Cotton, Or Linen Sheets?

On the other hand, if you have trouble sleeping during summer nights due to excessive heat and sweating, flannel will be a good idea since it traps heat better than other types of fabrics do. This means that even if it’s hot and humid enough to make everyone sweat profusely and feel sticky and uncomfortable all over, you’ll still get to sleep soundly by using flannel since it helps retain warmth much more efficiently. Moreover, the fabric also prevents the skin from becoming moist, which can lead to conditions such as dermatitis or eczema.

Fabric Type

Then, you need to decide on the type of fabric it should be made up of, such as cotton or silk. This is determined by how comfortable you would like to sleep at night and also your budget. Make sure the fabric you are choosing is breathable. This is an important factor to be considered since if your blanket does not allow air in, it will cause sweating and discomfort. We recommend you always try to buy high-quality bed sheets made of cotton or silk fabrics, which are highly breathable. Notably, bed sheets with high threads per inch (TPI) are thinner and softer, but those with low TPI are thicker and coarser.

Thread Count

The higher the thread count, the better the quality of a bedsheet. The thread count indicates the number of threads per square inch in the material used for making it. Even though there is an easy way out, which is to go for those having at least 100 threads per square inch, experts recommend choosing one with 180 and above as they are durable and long-lasting.  Normally, anything above 200 thread count is considered good enough for full-size sheets, whereas, for queen-sized sheets, anything above 400 thread counts can be considered satisfactory.

Cleaning Guidelines

While buying a new set of bedsheets, always check for the laundry guidelines on the tag present on it. Instructions such as dry clean only, hand wash, etc., must be clearly mentioned so that you don’t damage them while washing them at home with a washing machine and detergents.

Online Or Offline?

Lastly, decide on where you buy your sheets – online or offline. It is important to compare prices available across both channels before finalizing one as this can save you up to 50% of the cost.

Bedsheets are a necessity for every house and can be used any time of the year. One needs to keep their satisfaction level in mind while buying bedsheets as this is something you use daily and should be comfortable with them on. People usually prefer to buy bedsheets online, but it is also advisable to buy from your local store as there could be some good offers available there that might not come online. The best way is to check out both options before making a purchase.

Make sure you opt for one that suits your requirements and comes within your budget as well. Also, choose fabric such as cotton or silk depending on how much comfort you need while sleeping at night and how long you want it to last. It is important to see if the color and type of print you choose match your room interiors or not to make it look amazing. Finally, consider the thread count and quality of the sheets to satisfy yourself before buying them. All these factors should be kept in mind while buying bed sheets as they are needed every day and should be very comfortable for sleeping as well as relaxing all night long.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What color sheets are best for hiding stains

What color sheets are best for hiding stains?

White bed sheets or cream do a decent job of hiding most sex stains, while blue or dark blue sheets are great for hiding sweat stains. Meanwhile, brown and yellow bed sheets are particularly great at camouflaging urine stains. The thing is, most dark colors such as black are ideal for hiding most stains, including food stains, blood stains, etc.

What are the best sheets for the bed?

Egyptian cotton bed sheets with a 1,000-thread-count are the best bed sheets.

What colors are popular for bed sheets?

The most popular colors for bed sheets are white, ivory, beige, and light brown.

What are the pros and cons of white sheets?

White bed sheets are easy to clean, and they blend well with any color in your bedroom. White or ivory bed sheets also make the space appear clean and fresh. This is the reason why white bed sheets are so popular in hotels. The cons of white sheets are that they get dirty easily. Plus, stains are easily visible on white sheets.

Are white sheets a bad idea?

The main disadvantage of white sheets is that they are prone to dirt. Furthermore, stains on white bedding are readily apparent.

Do white sheets show stains?

Yes. White sheets will show stains more than colored or dark sheets.

What do red bed sheets mean?

Red bed sheets are very popular with couples, and in the past, it used to be quite common for this color to indicate that you were married or in a long-term relationship. Many people like to use more subtle shades of red because they want their bedroom to look attractive, but they don’t necessarily want to send out a strong sexual message.

Are black sheets a bad idea?

Black may not be the cheery color for bed sheets, but it’s ideal for hiding bloodstains.

What are the benefits of bamboo sheets?

Bamboo bed sheets help to prevent allergies by absorbing less moisture into the mattress.

How do you pick a sheet color?

You should choose neutral hues whenever you’re unsure about a bed sheet that complements the interior of your room. They give your bedroom decor a sense of grace and elegance. Light grey, light blue, white, beige, and light brown are the finest neutral tones to use if you want your bedroom to look elegant.

What color sheets are best for sleeping?

Yellow sheets are the best sleeping sheets. This color also helps in getting restful sleep by relaxing your body and helping you fall asleep faster. You will also see that yellow is one of the most popular colors for children’s rooms because people believe that this color stimulates brain activity and helps you sleep at night.

What are the best sheets for summer?

People think that white is the best color for sleeping, but actually, one should opt for light blue. This color is linked with positive emotions like relaxation and calmness, which help you fall asleep more easily.  Generally, summer is associated with lighter colors like white or light blue, but it is actually the opposite. During summers, our body temperature tends to rise, which means that we sweat more and thus need sheets that will provide us with some comfort and coolness. Darker colors absorb light, so they will help you feel warmer.

What are the best sheets for winter?

Brown is a perfect color to have during cold wintery days because it represents warmth and comfort. It also goes well with most styles of decoration, both modern and traditional.

What color sheets are best for traveling?

If you tend to travel a lot and spend long nights on planes, it is good to invest in light blue or gray sleeping sheets. This way, you will create a neutral environment around you that won’t distract your mind from getting proper rest.

What are the best sheets for meditation?

If you want to enhance your meditative experience, then opt for light yellow or pink-colored sheets. They will help you concentrate better on the task at hand and find a state of inner peace. Yellow is also the color that represents mental activity, making it a perfect choice for those who want to achieve a higher state of consciousness.

What are the best sheets for teenagers’ rooms?

Teenagers usually have active nights, so they should go for dark blue or green sheets. These colors are the best when it comes to providing comfort and rest even in the toughest of circumstances. They also stimulate the mind, helping teenagers study for longer hours.

What are the best sheets for toddlers?

If you want your little ones to get enough sleep, opt for pastel colors like light blue or pink. These will create an environment of comfort and relaxation, giving toddlers the rest they need even after playing all day. They are also easy to combine with other colors or various decoration styles.

What are the best sheets for babies?

If you want your little ones to have a peaceful sleep, then opt for light yellow-colored sleeping sheets. These will create an environment of calmness and comfort around your infant, giving babies a chance to sleep without distractions.

What are the best sheets for guest rooms?

Guest rooms should always have pastel-colored sheets. This way, you can easily combine them with many different decoration styles and create a perfect space where visitors will feel at home. Pastel colors also create a peaceful environment which is perfect if you want to provide your visitors with a relaxing night.

What are the best sheets for men?

The color of choice for most men would be blue, as it stimulates creativity and productivity. It also creates a peaceful atmosphere around the sleeper, which many men might need to get enough rest.

What are the best sheets for women?

If you want to decorate your female sleeping space with style, choose pink sheets to provide comfort and relaxation during your nights. This color also stimulates emotions and passion, helping women get in touch with their inner selves. It is also a color that enhances your femininity, making pink sleeping sheets the perfect choice for many women.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has helped you determine the best color bed sheets to buy for your needs. Remember not all colors work well with every type of stain, so make sure to read up on which stains each color is most effective at hiding before making a purchase decision. If you’re still unsure or would like more help choosing the right linens for your home, feel free to give us a call and one of our experts will be happy to walk through the process with you in more detail. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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