How To Manage A Bed Placed Against A Wall?

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Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, feng shui-wise since it is the most personal area of your house and symbolizes you. So how can you successfully manage your bedroom in terms of feng shui?

You may have pillows for reading in bed or pillows for watching TV in bed, but what about the arrangement of your bed? Most bedrooms have a rectangular bed placed against one of the walls, and while this positioning makes the room look organized, it might not be that great for feng shui purposes. Feng shui masters do not agree that sleeping on beds against walls should be encouraged because sleeping in such a position can negatively block your energy flow and affect your health.

Although some believe that there is nothing wrong with sleeping against walls, here are some tips that can help you move your bed away from the walls while allowing you to enjoy good feng shui in the bedroom:

How To Manage A Bed Placed Against A Wall?

What Happens If Your Bed Is Placed Against a Wall

If possible, keep your headboard on top of an external wall. This will allow you to orient yourself optimally in the room; try not to place your bed on an internal wall (one inside your bedroom), and keep your bed away from any corner. When buying a new mattress, see to it that it has rounded edges instead of square ones so that its corners do not align with corners inside the bedroom or rest near any section of the external walls. Doing so allows energy flow to move easily and uninterrupted.

When properly positioned, your bedroom will become more favorable to you and all those who come into the room. The position of your bed might seem like a mere detail, but it can affect how you sleep and even how productive you are during daylight hours. It is best to avoid problems by setting up your mattress against a wall so that energy flows freely throughout the space.

What Happens If Your Bed Is Placed Against a Wall?

The key is to deal with any obstacles that may stop the flow of energy in and out of the room. The worst situation would be to have a bed placed directly against a wall because this would block the qi (energy) from flowing into or out of the bedroom. Though it may seem like there are only two options for dealing with this problem – move or replace your bed, so it’s no longer placed directly against a wall – there is actually another option: create an ‘open’ space near the bed by putting something in front of one side of it. This will allow Qi to move in and out of the bedroom.

How To Choose The Best Location For Your Bed

How To Choose The Best Location For Your Bed

When it comes to your bed’s location, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some feng shui suggestions for picking the ideal location for your bed, as well as what it implies if your bed is against a wall and how to resolve it.

Place Your Bed In The Commanding Position

Whether you prefer sleeping in a hammock or loft bed, make sure that your bed is positioned in a way where you can view the entrance to your bedroom while in bed. This allows you to see what is approaching you, both literally and figuratively, so that you may take full advantage of any possibilities that present themselves. It also eases anxiety and increases your sense of control and well-being. Placing your bed in a commanding position implies that you have a better time dealing with life’s issues.

Speaking of beds, you can find the indoor hammock beds right here. If hammocks aren’t your thing and you’ve kids, then loft beds are the way to go. To find the loft beds for kids and adults, we have some reviews to help you pick the right one.

Ensure Your Bed’s Headboard Is Against A Wall

In the first place, you’ll want your bed’s headboard against a wall. The headboard is ideal when firmly attached to a wall in feng shui. However, having the three other sides of the bed (left, right, and foot) against a wall is not desirable. If one side of your bed is positioned against a wall, for example, it makes that side more difficult to access.

When your bed is positioned against a wall on the left or right, you create bad feng shui. Qi (energy) will flow more freely around you when there is an open area on both the left and right sides of the bed. If there is a wall on one side of your bed, you aren’t nurturing your qi from both sides. Consequently, you will have too much yin or too much yang, and vice versa. Therefore, it’s critical to nourish and express both halves of ourselves.

Ensure Your Bed's Headboard Is Against A Wall

If you’re seeking a partner, a bed up against the wall might be especially difficult. When your potential partner can’t access their side of the bed, it sends an energetic message that you don’t have room in your life for another person. This doesn’t prepare you for a healthy and fair relationship. If you have a partner, one of you must crawl over the other to reach their side, which may be a sign of an imbalance. Instead, it’s preferable if both partners can easily access their side of the bed.

Install A Screen Door

As long as the door is kept closed during the day, it will prevent Qi from moving out of the bedroom too quickly. If the door is left open for most of the day, this could create problems with Qi flowing out of your bedroom too quickly. However, if you have a screen door, then this won’t be a problem because the screen will allow some energy to move through but keep bugs and other unwanted things out.

Soundproof Your Bedroom

Suppose you live in an apartment with thin walls where noise travels easily. In that case, you may want to consider getting soundproofing material to make sure that your neighbors cannot hear what’s happening at night when you are trying to sleep or having intimate time with someone else. Otherwise, they might enjoy these sounds too much and may become jealous.

Don’t Place Your Bed Near A Window

Since the flow of qi in a room is stronger when the room has more natural light, you might want to consider putting your bed against a wall that doesn’t have a window in it so that people who enter the room will not be blinded by all the direct sunlight shining into their eyes. Opening curtains or blinds can also help with this problem by allowing some sunlight to shine in but keeping most of it out.

Place Your Furniture Close To One Another For Maximum Efficiency

If you have several pieces of furniture in your bedroom, make sure they are close enough together, so nothing obstructs the flow of energy from one piece to another — even something as small as a desk shouldn’t be placed right up against a wall because this could cause problems. Try to keep large pieces of furniture in the middle of a room or at least near an outside wall.

Having a heavy piece of furniture, such as a dresser, placed directly against an inside wall can interrupt qi flow and cause problems with energy entering and leaving the bedroom. If you have something like this already in your room, just move it to another part of the room that is not up against any walls. It’s important that you don’t put anything else right next to it, which could slow down qi movement even more.

The open space created by placing something in front of one side of your bed will allow for better qi flow from the door opening on the other side. Positioning your bed in this way will not be a problem because qi can flow around it without any problems.

When A Bed Against A Wall Isn’t An Issue

Typically, placing a guest bed or a child’s bed against the wall is not an issue. In fact, placing a baby’s bed or crib against a wall gives it greater support and protection. However, you should still make sure that their bed is in the command position so that they can see the door from their beds.

How To Adjust A Bed Against The Wall? 

How To Adjust A Bed Against The Wall

If you placed your bed against the wall, reposition it so that you’ve space on both sides. If you don’t have the room to move your bed very far, that’s fine. Even a few inches make a lot of difference. Of course, move your bed into the command, as we mentioned earlier.

Sometimes, there simply isn’t enough room to move the bed away from the wall. Nonetheless, you can still boost your qi in various ways even if you live in a small apartment and are unable to move your bed.

One of the most effective methods is to use the uplifting, energizing wood element. One of the five elements feng shui practitioners work with is wood, and its energy can be quite helpful in this situation.

Another approach to using a little bedroom with no space to move your bed away from the wall is installing a mirror on the wall opposite to the bed. This will improve the aesthetics of the space while also giving it energy.

Final Thoughts

One way to improve the feng shui in your bedroom is by considering how you position your bed. Instead of placing it against a wall, try and find an open space where there’s no obstruction so that you can achieve better circulation and more energy flow while sleeping. We hope you have enjoyed this article on how beds can affect one’s life. If you’re interested in learning more about how bed placement affects sleep quality and overall well-being, feel free to contact us at any time!

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